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Miller College Children's Literature Project

Miller College is honored to have the opportunity to reach out to 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students in Calhoun County and ask their teachers to participate with them in the Miller College Children's Literature Project....

Funding to Support Battle Creek GED Test Takers

The Battle Creek Community Literacy Collaborative established a fund available through the YMCA for individuals to receive a voucher to pay for the tests.  Individuals must:

1.)  Be a Battle Creek resident
2.)  Be enrolled in a GED test academic preparation program in Battle Creek (Miller Stone, YMCA, Women’s Co Op, or another valid prep program)
3.) Attend free GED Test Orientation classes (provides an overview of what to expect on the test, how to navigate the online system, online tools, etc).   Currently these classes are offered at the YMCA.
4.) Must be predicted to pass the GED using a valid assessment tool (Aztec, GED Ready, 4).  
5.) Must agree to release their scores

Students are eligible to receive financial assistance to take all four tests if they take the tests within three months of each other (example:  test one in January, test two in April, test three in July, test four in October).  If a student fails a test they received a voucher for, they will be required to pay for their two $10 retakes on their own. If the student can pass the re-test within one month, they will be eligible to continue to receive funding if they continue to meet the three month standard. This option will only exist for the first test; that is, if a second test is not passed on the first try, the student will not be eligible to continue in the voucher program. 


Vouchers can be used at any testing site in Battle Creek; there are two testing sites in Battle Creek:  one at Kellogg Community College, and one at the YMCA.  Vouchers are available through the YMCA.  Contact Nancy MacFarlane ( for more information.   

Apply for a CLC Mini-Grant

Do you have a great idea to promote literacy in your community, but need resources to help get started?  CLC offers mini-grants of up to $500 to community and neighborhood groups and organizations to promote literacy (birth through adult) in Battle Creek.   Mini-grants are accepted on a rolling basis. 
Click here
  to download a mini-grant application!