GED Preparation and Testing

What is the GED?

The GED (General Education Development) Certificate of Equivalency can be completed by taking 4 individual tests.  The GED changed significantly in January of 2014.  Individuals that did not complete the GED prior to January 1, 2014 will be required to take all four of the new tests,even if they passed a GED test prior to 2014.  

The four tests are:  Reading and Writing; Science; Social Studies; and Math.  Because the new test can only be taken on the computer (pencil and paper versions are not offered), individuals are encouraged to practice typing skills to complete the essay portions of the tests.   

Individuals will take each test separately.  However, some test sites permit students to take two tests on the same day. You MUST pre-register for each test online.  Walk-in testing is not permitted.  Each test costs between $35-$37.50 at local testing centers.

There are multiple local options for discounts and free tests.  Battle Creek Public Schools Adult Education program offers a discounted test for $20 for all students that are enrolled in their classes; free vouchers may be obtained at the YMCA and Albion Public Library in exchange for attending classes to prepare for the GED. 


Want more information about the GED test?  Click here to visit the GED Website to learn more. 

Want to take a practice test?  Click here 

Local GED Resources:

GED Preparation:  Below are local options to prepare for the GED.

YMCA Online Tutoring Prepare for the GED wherever there is internet access.  Also offers adult basic education classes on-site.  269 963 9622

Women's Co-Op
  For women - Co-Op will help pay for testing.  269 966 8988

Battle Creek Public Schools Classes for all ages. 269 965 9514

Albion Public Library: Classes for all ages.  269 629 3993

GED Testing Sites: 
Below are locations you can take the test.  YOU MUST ENROLL FOR THE TEST ONLINE at MYGED.COM, PRIOR TO THE DAY OF THE TEST.  Local testing center hours are often subject to change; you can find the most current schedule at  

Kellogg Community College:  269 565 2093


Battle Creek YMCA:  269 962 9633


Albion Public LIbrary:  269 629 3993